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  1. Got my acceptance call, but told them I accepted a seat at a different program. Hope this gives someone else a seat
  2. Hi! I was accepted and these are my stats. cGPA / sGPA 4.0 I have about 2,000 as an STNA and 500 as a med tech in a Children’s Blood Bank 4 LOR - Two from professors and two from Nurses I also had some shadowing experience and volunteer work in an ED.
  3. I hope so! I haven’t heard anything yet.
  4. Got accepted from 8/20 interview date. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  5. Tom, the one that the email came from!
  6. Yes, I emailed them and they said they forgot to disable the automatic emails, and we should hear something in a few days!
  7. Mine in august had 5 Separate interviews - all about 20 minutes each. Nothing too bad!
  8. Has anyone that already interviewed heard anything back?
  9. I got that too, I wasn’t completely sure about it either tbh.
  10. I submitted mine July 15th and got a confirmation email a day or two after that
  11. Got my interview invite today. Good luck everyone!
  12. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  13. Me too. Maybe we will hear something this week if they have their first interviews in august
  14. Yeah same here, I was hoping it would update after a few days
  15. Does anyone know if we need to add any letters of rec outside of the ones uploaded to CASPA?
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