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  1. I interviewed 10-15 & received the acceptance call on 10/22. I’m honored to have been accepted but will be declining for another program. Good luck to you all wherever you end up!
  2. Congrats! I have my interview on Monday & was wondering if I could DM you to ask you a couple of questions
  3. received an interview invite yesterday for october 14-15
  4. I got an interview invite today as well & choose 10/5! This will be my first interview this application cycle & I’m extremely nervous/excited. Pace is one of my top choices
  5. Since March, my floor has been a covid unit. I would say it has influenced me greatly being on the forefront of this pandemic, especially seeing patients rapidly decline and pass while in my care. These past couple of months have taught me many valuable lessons & most importantly, they’ve further confirmed that being a PA is what I want. When writing my PS, I didn’t mention covid at all because I was planning on writing about all of this in my supplemental essay. Would it be appropriate to do so? In terms of impeding my shadowing, volunteering, etc. it didn’t really have any effect because I had all my hours completed prior to March.
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