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  1. I don’t know! I’m just sharing information I thought people waiting would like to know!
  2. Spoke to Gina today offering me a spot, I was on the alternate list. I declined it, hopefully one of you will get it.
  3. For those who have already interviewed, how long are the morning interviews? I have a morning interview with Rush and have been offered another interview in the afternoon the same day of my Rush interview. I’m trying to figure out whether to accept the other interview or try to change the date. Thanks.
  4. My bad, I totally misunderstood. I received the welcome letter June 1.
  5. It’s just an interview invite for next week not an acceptance letter. I received the email invite this morning.
  6. I also interviewed on 10/26 and I just received an email that I have been placed on the alternate list.
  7. For those who have interviewed, does the interview process take the whole six hours to finish or it wraps up faster?
  8. Is there a Facebook group for the class of 2023 yet?
  9. Anyone who got accepted, have you sent the signed acceptance letter and received instructions on how to make the first payment?
  10. Just received an email for interview invitation September 29.
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