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  1. Good luck to everyone applying here! It's a fantastic program, and I'm thankful I get to be a part of it. You've applied to a great place!
  2. It’s just a group conversation about a specific topic. The facilitators do a good job with keeping the conversation going. Nothing to be nervous about
  3. you could always do where they have to sign for it to make sure they get it if you haven't sent it off yet
  4. Congratulations! I can’t wait to be classmates starting in May!! Some places you could start researching are Aspen Courts, Wedgewood Hills, Sun Valley, The Reserves, etc.
  5. Officially accepted my seat to this program from Monday's interview!!! I'm SO EXCITED to be everyones classmate!!
  6. Does anyone know how many spots are left for this program? I know they accept 40 and that it is pretty late in the cycle
  7. Did anyone get a response back after replying to the email updating their application?
  8. Also, I've seen only acceptances posted on here, but has anyone been waitlisted or rejected following this interview? I am wanting to plan out my possible options
  9. I have also received an interview invite for Jan 5th! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!
  10. I just received an interview invite today!! For those of you who have already been interviewed, what was the setting like when it was your group's turn to participate in the PBL section? Just curious if I need to brush up on my a&p beforehand
  11. i would check your transcript - usually the course will have HUM listed somewhere near it (mine did from Univ. of Louisville). If not, then i would email south college to check and see. I think it depends on the class format as it could satisfy a CD1 or CD2 instead
  12. did anyone receive a verification email after applying? I submitted my application a week ago and still have not heard anything - im already verified through CASPA and they have received my GRE scores.
  13. congratulations!!! Would you care to share when you were verified as well as a few of your numbers?
  14. oh wow, thanks for the advice!! I'm going to DM you now.
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