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  1. Invited to interview in January yesterday. I'll be declining.
  2. My interview was going stellar, but then they threw a curveball and I stumbled. I thought I may have blown my chances but I still got in! Have faith in yourself!
  3. Accepted!! I'm going to have to think about this one, but the interviewers were so nice and I love NYC!!
  4. KInterviewed 10/12 and accepted today 10/16! Unfortunately I will be declining my seat in order to attend Yale-- it's a bittersweet decision and I wish everybody pursuing San Juan Bautista the best of luck! You have so much opportunity to improve linguistically and expand healthcare access in PR! PAs are not well established there and it's up to you guys to pave the way.
  5. Just an update-- I'll be relinquishing my interview spot at the end of the month to pursue another program that I was accepted at (Yale!). Good luck on your interviews everyone!
  6. I just wanted to update that I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I can't speak to the specifics of the interview day and program, but the faculty are incredibly nice and definitely have great visions for the future of healthcare delivery to the underserved. This has been my most relaxing and fun interview by far, and you get a lot of great insight into the other interviewees!
  7. They didn't mention. There's about a 1/4 chance of being accepted and a 1/4 chance of being waitlisted after interview though.
  8. Hi Armita, I should clarify that I received the invite on 10/5-- they will schedule me for either 10/12, 10/13, or 10/14. I'll let you know!
  9. Yes! It's traditional. It may have 2 faculty or 1 faculty member and 1 alumni. They release the names of those interviewing you a few days prior so you can research them! Mine had a lot in common with me so we were able to have a really great discussion and I honestly couldn't stop smiling even though I was dying leading up to the interview lol. I suspect they tailor the interviewers to the applicant's backgrounds. It's also very relaxed-- I felt like they were trying to advocate for me and delve deeper into my application. Hope it helps!
  10. Historically it looks like they extend invites 2+ weeks after. I really hope you're right-- I'm dying to hear back!
  11. I hate to be an annoyance, but could I get in on this as well?
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