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  1. Yeah they said hopefully mid-late August but can’t promise anything bc of COVID
  2. Congrats! When did you apply? Also, can you share your updated stats if you are comfortable?
  3. Thank you for asking! It’s been a difficult waiting game for sure. So anxious to hear back. Did they give a timeline or a “hopefully soon” kind of thing?
  4. Got the minimum requirements email from NAU all items received and submitted 6/23
  5. Is that an interview invitation? If so, congrats! If not, is it just saying what the dates will be?
  6. Looks like Tuesdays are when they send interview invites
  7. Well at least they told you what to improve on. Are you going to retake it?
  8. I’ve gotten absolutely nothing from any schools I’ve applied to
  9. That is a lot of hours. I have seen people get accepted with lower GPAs and high PCE that sucks about Psych... I feel that for sure.
  10. I applied to the program just to see because they might surprise you. They might like your hours or personal statement or something.
  11. What was your file score if you don’t mind me asking?
  12. I am so sorry about that! When did you apply and hear back from them? Good luck at your other schools!
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