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  1. Some people say they didn’t, but it’s in the contract that they have to have one. They probably just didn’t check all of the places where they normally do it. That’s my thought on it but eh…
  2. Nothing. Every other year has been August, so that’s where my expectations are at the moment.
  3. If you received loans for your school year, then the scholarship program will cover whatever you paid with loans. After that you should probably talk to your financial people so if they can cancel the loans if you receive the scholarship. Then your scholarship can pay for your school.
  4. I called today about a different issue, and they said they don’t know but MAYBE expect something about being a finalist in July.
  5. Thank you for this! I just made an account on the Experian app because the Discover app didn’t tell me anything, and the Experian app told me my credit was checked too!
  6. Ah interesting I don’t have a credit karma account, but my discover is through Experian. I can call about that maybe?
  7. How was everyone notified? I have not be checked and neither has my friend.
  8. Hey everyone! The same as above I’m an incoming Campbell PA student. I was a non traditional applicant with an engineering degree. Please feel free to reach out! I’m from Arizona, and I am not hesitating at all to move to NC because Campbell is the truly the best
  9. I thought your program was 24 months though? why is there a third year?
  10. I do not know my exact start date for the second year, but I put an estimate. Did you put July 1 to be safe?
  11. So my program is 24 months. The first year is from July 27th to July 15th. The second year is July 18th to July 14th. The scholarship only goes until June 30. Would they cover my entire tuition at this point still or would there be some money I would have to pay back? Or do I need to ask for a third year? Idk if the stipend is the thing that stops or the tuition. I care more about the tuition than the stipend if I don't get it for a month.
  12. Congrats! And maybe you might be able to, but I would always try and send the updated hours or anything that you think might help. One girl dropped from the class a few days ago, and I’m sure there will more to come. Being patient is difficult. I wish you all the best!
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