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  1. I just wanted to reach out and let everyone know if you have questions about campus or life at U of M flint let me know! I did my undergrad there! Very excited to maybe continue my education there
  2. They are going to do as much online as possible with labs and such being in person on campus.
  3. Yes. They said they won't give out invites until they know they are accredited. The meeting is scheduled for middle of September but subject to change as COVID changes everything.
  4. Ok just finished my interview. They are super helpful and walk you through every step. It is not MMI style just two traditional interviews. Overall was very happy with the experience in general. Good luck everyone. Now to wait till October
  5. For those who interviewed do you have to stay on camera when you scan your essays in? Just wondering if I need to move my printer or not!
  6. Thank you so much guys. It's with my top choice so I'm very nervous. This was just bad timing
  7. Are you tomorrow or Wednesday? I'm tomorrow so I can let you know for sure lol
  8. Did you get the email? I do not think it's MMI it's just two individual interviews is my understanding!
  9. Hope everyone did well today! Very nervous for tomorrow! Good luck everyone!
  10. Did anyone who got rejected email back to ask why or how to improve? I have another interview tomorrow with another school and this just destroyed my confidence and I'm worried it was my interview that gave me the rejection
  11. I think stress anything is a thing! Totally doing the same thing though. I went and hit golf balls yesterday to get in some fresh air and have been reading in all my down time. Only time will tell what is ahead of us but right now other worlds is good enough for me
  12. Maybe they broke us in half and the rest of us won't hear till next week?
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