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  1. Did anyone else get an email after submitting saying their graduate application and GRE scores need to be sent as well? I have already done both and now I'm worried they didn't get them for some reason?!?
  2. You and me both! I am kinda really disappointed cause this was my second choice behind UofM. I am a little biased being a U of M graduate but you cant get wrong with a Big 10 schools name behind you in my opinion. I know a lot of people were really excited about it so I hope they are able to start eventually.
  3. I'm really sad. This was my second choice! I wonder if they didn't get their accreditation?!?
  4. MSU just announced they are moving their matriculation to 2022. I do not know for sure if they have heard about their accreditation and that was their reasoning but they said they need more time to get the program together. They are sending back the application fee and asked us to apply again next year.
  5. We've made it 3 weeks guys! If 4 weeks is the deadline then only one more week! Hope everyone is holding it together. Hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend before another week of stressing!
  6. I got my GVSU rejection as well. I only have u of m, MSU and Madison Wisconsin now and I'm very very nervous. Looks like Im need to apply to some late closing schools soon.
  7. She was also heavily involved in Waynes program as well! She knows her stuff thats for sure!
  8. Honestly, I'm struggling lol. I'm getting stressed out about applying for financial aid and I'm not sure if I should before the program even knows if it is going to run!
  9. I just wanted to say you guys are all so supportive and I'm so glad I found this forum! I don't know where I would be without it and you!! Praying we all get good news soon because you guys would be amazing to have as a cohort and start our PA journey with!
  10. Does anyone know when they are planning to give out interview invites?
  11. Update! Mississippi sent without information on their accreditation and are having people wait to complete a down deposit until they know for sure! Hopefully everyone will be informed soon but looks like we are still waiting as of now!
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