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  1. Has anyone from the june and july interviews heard anything back from MSJ?? 2 months waiting is so painful
  2. I got the same email about making an account yesterday and just got an acceptance letter today!!! Super excited!!
  3. Does anyone know if Alderson Broaddus is rolling admission?
  4. Congrats to everyone who got accepted from the first round!! So exciting
  5. @benners2 I interview July 31st, this Friday, so I’m assuming you will hear back pretty shortly after that date!!
  6. For the people that interviewed already, did you hear anything back from MSJ yet?
  7. I interview then too! There was a group June 16th I believe, but the school is still so new -- I don't know if a bunch of people have found it on this forum yet. Super excited and a bit nervous though for Thursday and Friday !
  8. I know, that’s what I figured. Just funny to think of it that way.
  9. Getting this thread started— better late than never! Good luck to everyone who applies
  10. I was just thinking the same...if they end up accepting 100 and every person ends up trying to matriculate there, they will be in for some trouble
  11. I didn't receive this email and was verified May 28th....I hope they didn't forget about me :// hahaha
  12. Thanks for relaying some information about the Zoom format, I'm glad it went smoothly! Hopefully you'll hear back soon!
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