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  1. It is mentioned in the financial department e-mail we received in on our cornell address!
  2. I'm hoping we hear something soon, I'm so excited to get more info. Part of me is wondering if they are holding off on releasing details with everything changing so quickly (i.e. the COVID vaccine). But that is just an assumption
  3. I don't think that it necessarily means you are waitlisted, I only think it means that you were not called in the first round of acceptances from your interview pool. I interpreted the timeline as being: top applicants get first calls a couple weeks after their interview, the rest will hear in December/January as to whether they are accepted, waitlisted, or rejected. So my interpretation is that all three options are still available, just that you won't hear until later.
  4. Question for those that have been accepted: has anyone gotten their acceptance packet in the mail yet? Or will those likely be mailed out later?
  5. I can only speak for how my group interview was, but essentially a question was asked and everyone took turns answering it individually. There was no order of who was supposed to answer next. And it lasted about 30-45 mins.
  6. Just wanted to check in, has anyone from the interview on 9/9 heard back?
  7. As someone who used to work in college admissions, I always recommend that students take averages with a grain of salt. It is implied that individuals both below and above those numbers apply and are accepted! As long as you meet the minimum requirement, you qualify to apply for a reason. If there are certain parts of your application that aren't as strong, make other portions shine to balance it out (aka, really utilize that personal statement to set yourself apart!) I say go for it! Especially if you're interested in the MPH dual program, that is something that can certainly make you stand apart.
  8. No, that is helpful! I appreciate it I hope they move to in person too
  9. Congrats to everyone getting accepted!!! That is so so so exciting If you don't mind me asking! Have they told you anything about whether they plan to do the program virtually or in person? It's something I've been curious about!
  10. I answered in general, but I was wondering about that too. I think they would have specified if it was regarding COVID.
  11. Personally, I interpreted it as gaps in the middle of a degree. I cant remember the exact phrasing of the question but it sounded to me like they wanted to know of any abnormal spaces in employment or education, whereas a gap between your undergrad and grad school is not considered abnormal. Just my thoughts though.
  12. Yo Congrats!!! I'm about to submit my supplemental here soon as well! If you don't mind me asking, when is your interview date?
  13. Cornell received my application 6/20, got sent a secondary 7/15. Due by 7/22.
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