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  1. Has anyone else not heard anything since their Welcome email from June? Just wondering if Midwestern does not send out rejections.
  2. Wow well congrats and I sincerely hope you get in!!! However, it unfortunately does not seem like we get a choice. The MPH is done in Glenside always, and then in my acceptance email it said I have been designated to the Delaware campus for the PA part.
  3. Congrats!! Me too! I interviewed on 10/28 and I heard back this morning. I'll be doing the MPH in Glenside and the MMS in Christiana!
  4. I just received an interview offer as well!! Does anyone know what style of interview MUSC does?
  5. I did not take the CASPer! I also haven't heard back yet since applying in early June though.
  6. I’m in the same position as you! I’m not sure, I was also considering sending an email just because it has been nearly 2 months.
  7. I was invited to interview for the MPH/MMS program on 8/19 and still have heard nothing. They asked me for an essay and I turned that in on 9/10. Nothing since. Is anyone else in the same boat?
  8. Nope still waiting as well! I sent back the essay about my interest in the MPH program on 9/10 and it's been silence since.
  9. I received an invite on 8/19 and did not respond to the email! I still am also waiting on a date if that makes you feel better.
  10. I have not heard anything from Midwestern yet but I just checked my portal and saw this! Does this mean I need to take the CASPer before they review my application? I applied back in June. Thanks!
  11. My email says "Please be patient as we review applications for interview consideration. We anticipate that we will begin interviewing in September and will continue to have interview days throughout the fall and into early 2021, so it may be some time before you receive an update on the status of your application." So I'm hoping we hear back soon about interviews!
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