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  1. Still no news.. anyone hear back for an interview yet? I submitted my supplemental exactly 1 month ago.
  2. I also had a follow up question... if you did submit the supplemental.. how long did it take for them to make a decision regarding your application? I submitted Friday and have been checking my portal like crazy.. but haven’t gotten any new updates on the status of my application..
  3. Submitting my supplemental this week.. has anyone that has submitted heard back for an interview yet? Sending good luck to all
  4. Haven’t heard any news in the last week and half anyone else with me?
  5. Hi, thank you and good luck to you as well. I had a question about the essay questions.. did you consider the max character count for all of them? The last question I feel has a straight answer that I can answer in one sentence.. but I’m not sure if they’re expecting me to write an actual essay about it. Can you clarify for me? Thanks!
  6. Thought I’d start this thread... just received my supplemental application invite. Good luck to everyone
  7. I have a 3.31 science and 3.7 overall G.P.A. do you think I still have a chance in the running?
  8. If I have really good stats.. but don’t have any of the 18points... should I still apply?
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