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  1. For everyone accepted, don't forget to join the chat! And congrats!! Can't wait to meet all of you.
  2. Agreed. Stats get you the interview. Interview gets you in. Period.
  3. I did a pharmacy tech program to help familiarize myself with meds, increased volunteer hours and shadowing hours. Definitely focused on the diversity in my shadow and volunteer time. But, I didn't apply to NAU last year because I applied started applying too late.
  4. I'm late but I have decided to accept NAUs offer for the class of 2023! Interviewed 9/28 Acceptance call 10/5 from Dr. Brubaker.
  5. I just declined my seat for this school. I hope one of you gets it! Best of luck!
  6. To be fair to all candidates, I won't give the exact questions but I thought they weren't bad at all but they are looking for your critical thinking skills.
  7. Consists of group and 1:1. Interview went great. They make you feel welcome. It's hard to determine what "basic" questions are but I can personally say the questions weren't hard but allowed you to showcase your critical thinking skills.
  8. The website says they interview an average of 3 applicants per position and there are 50 spots. So, maybe 150 interviewees, if not more. I know there are more interviews on Wednesday. Our group that had interviews today had about 20 people. So, I would assume about 6-7 more interview dates? They will end right before Thanksgiving for sure because that's when they said they would let everyone know. Just an educated guess, though.
  9. Such an exciting interview today! It was nice to see some of your faces. Best of luck. I hope we are all the lucky few that hear next week!
  10. I LOVE this statement and I wanted to add to it: Yes, I did get accepted. Last year, I did not. Yet, I was not devastated nor did I lose any faith. I know this was my calling. I'm a believer in Christ and I knew that my time would come. At the right moment. At the right time. Even if you're not--the same applies. What helped my app this year was the dramatic change in my application: higher level classes, more diverse volunteer experience, more PCE, etc. I truly think they like to see that mixed with a genuine personality. Good luck to everyone.
  11. Recieved my call and email for acceptance. I'm ecstatic!
  12. I want a "two days after" phone call. Lol. I'm always checking my phone so you can imagine how bad it is today. But, I won't count myself out even if I don't get a call today. In my file review, she told me the committee meets TODAY to review this weeks applicants. I wish there was a spot for all of us..no lie!
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