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  1. Sarah said in the 1/13 interview that everyone except for 2 people got off the waitlist last year. Don't lose hope :)!
  2. Hey everyone! Wanting to see if the alternate list is moving... has anyone been accepted off of it in the last 2 weeks? Anxious over here lol
  3. Interviewed today and was placed on the waitlist! Excited to hear back
  4. I also received an acceptance a few days after the interview. The interview was extremely relaxed. My advice would be not to stress out about preparing. I typically really stress myself out prior to interviews. I've had 3 and this was my most relaxed one. Everyone was so personable and kind.
  5. Congrats to those who've received an interview! I received an invite on Friday for 12/7. Exciting!!!
  6. I interviewed on 10/5 and just received an acceptance call this morning!! Excited to meet everyone in my class :)!
  7. Just received an interview invite as well! Congrats to all who have interviewed/received an acceptance, what an accomplishment :). The only date left was January 7th... same as a few of you. I'm also looking for earlier interview dates if anyone cancels :).
  8. I haven’t heard anything either other than the survey
  9. Today's the day they're reviewing apps from the 10/5 interview, anyone heard back?
  10. I received an interview invitation today for 10/5/2020. Good luck to all! If anyone has interviewed with FSU in the past, I would love to chat with you :).
  11. I received a virtual interview invite today for 9/23!
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