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  1. I was offered an interview about 3 weeks ago but declined, respectfully, due to enrollment in another program. Good luck everyone!
  2. I am! I am going to be attending main campus as c/o 2023! I would LOVE if a group was started!
  3. I have committed to a different program already, but definitely still wondering if they are conducting more interviews.
  4. I really wonder if they are doing more, havent heard a peep out of them! I am comitted to a different program but I am curious!
  5. I mailed my deposit and paperwork and I got a notification that they had recieved it one week afterwards! You should get one.
  6. I got a call today and was offered an interivew. I respectfully declined due to an acceptance to another program. I hope this opens up a spot for someone else, good luck!
  7. My friend got any interview for December. I have not heard anything myself, though! So I know that they are offering more!
  8. I dont think there is ! I am going to be attending Main Campus and would love for one to made to communicate with our class!
  9. Ive been thinking about those of you who have not heard yet. Ive been praying and thinking good thoughts! Don't give up! Would love to hear when/if you guys find out! For those of you who have gotten into Wingate (Hendersonville or Main- Ill be attending Main), let me know if you want to chat/want my email and phone number! Excited to meet all of you!
  10. I just got accepted to Wingates Main Campus! I’m so thrilled!!
  11. They are. I called. But they are just taking their time so don’t worry. Keep positive. I have not heard anything either.
  12. Still havent heard anything back. Got an email from them letting us know we need to be patient, so still maintaining hopeful thoughts!
  13. Im wondering the same thing! I havent heard anything from them and was verified back in June!
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