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  1. Hi! I hope this helps! cGPA: 3.71 sGPA: 3.68 HCE: 3400 hrs - as a lab tech and transfusion tech. PCE: 3800 hrs - as a bone marrow tech and phlebotomist Research: 200+ hrs: Biochemistry research Volunteer: 100 hrs Shadow: 50 hrs (oncology, bone marrow transplant, and internal medicine PAs, and emergency/ trauma MD) Please let me know if there is anything I can help with! Best of luck!
  2. Hi! I was able to move interview days due to others canceling their spots. I interviewed Saturday the 24th, originally it was for the 7th of November. They said they get back to us sometime during the week after the interview. To prepare, I read Savanna Perry’s interview book and did a lot of practice questions out loud and had people listen to me. I focused on questions I was afraid they’d ask me I also used the AAPA site for current issues and news I also did a few mock interviews which were helpful. Everyone at the school is so nice and caring. It really helped me to
  3. Congratulations!!!! I did as well!! I look forward to meeting all of you!!
  4. Has anyone that was placed on the interview waitlist been invited to interview?
  5. I received an invite Friday evening! I'm interviewing 11/7, in the morning session. Does anyone else have this session? So excited to meet everyone!! Best of luck to you all!
  6. I just received the supplemental invite this morning at 10am! Check your emails!
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