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  1. Hey CONGRATS! I am interviewing Nov 3rd and very excited as well! When you signed up on the doodle, were you able to see the dates/ time you selected after sending in your vote? I can't and I want to make sure it went through correctly.
  2. Has anyone heard back from being on the waitlist?? Anyone know how many seats are taken/ are left?
  3. Degree from UF: Applied Physiology and Kinesiology SGPA and cGPA : 3.53 Hours at the time of app: 1064 as a PCA, hours now I updated with 1,500 as a PCA and now MA Research: 700 hours Volunteer: 600 hours Shadowing: 90 hours GRE: 297
  4. Just received an acceptance email !! *happy tears Interviewed 9/25
  5. Was just offered an interview November 23rd!!
  6. Wondering the same thing. i interviewed 9/7. hbu ?
  7. Hey! My interview is September 25th. Is teh interview process 30 minutes each with 2 interviewers, or just 30 minutes in total? Did we get an online campus tour? How long was it overall? Thank you in advance
  8. Received an interview invite as well. I scheduled nov 5th at 12pm
  9. Nope, I got my finger prints done today but waiting to go to labcorp tomorrow.
  10. Yeah that may be true. Since they give two weeks for their acceptances it may be a faster turn around. But I am curious how many they choose to wait list vs reject.
  11. I was under the impression it was not ranked.... or something like they just do not tell us necessarily what number we are on the wait list. I am still in the process of getting my drug test for castle branch. Its difficult while working full time lol.
  12. As did I. I was surprised how quick I heard back from them. Do you know how many people have been wait listed?
  13. I got a background check and got my finger prints done about 1 year ago. Does anyone know if I would be able to use this or do they need a recent one? Thanks in advance
  14. I have not received a link yet either for my interview 9/8. Since it is labor day, I am assuming we should get it tomorrow morning.
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