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  1. Congrats to those that got accepted! Come and join us on the Facebook page! Yale PA Online Class of 2023
  2. Anyone heard anything this week from this recent round of interviews? I got two requests to join the Facebook group yesterday but they didn’t answer membership questions so I’m not sure if they’re in the right group. If this is you please send me a message so I can approve you!
  3. Those that have been accepted, come and join our Facebook group! Yale PA Online - Class of 2023
  4. No I did not. They might have known or assumed that though because I put in my essays that I’m in a military family. Though, again, I can’t read minds so I really don’t know why they were thinking when I got an interview or if this was even a factor in my acceptance.
  5. Everyone, this is a fake account. @ScullyAMA had a point when she saw that you just created your profile less than 24 hours ago and the only post you put was slamming this school. I did a reverse image search on your profile picture and found the original picture. It’s posted on blackmanmd.com and it profiles a PA student. She is VERY articulate and says she wants to be a writer. Her tone, word choice, sentence structure, and punctuation are very different from yours. I clicked the link to her blog. Her last post is in 2019. In it she says that she graduated in 2019, passed her PANCE, and
  6. I relate so much to what you just said. I hope you get in
  7. Maybe this will help... I don’t know what your situation is, but I’d look at the answer to your question of “why online learning”. The majority of us (actually almost every single one of us with the exception of one or two) that have been admitted all have very similar stats to yours but with over five years or more experience in healthcare being the average (there are some with less) and a lot of us have 8+ years. We are also older. I was told the average age they admit is 31. All of us have reasons why we can’t really attend a traditional PA school. We have kids and can’t relocate. We move e
  8. At this point, I’d say it’s not over until it’s over. If you havent hear back it means that you haven’t been rejected either! That’s how I’d look at it.
  9. Both of my interviews went over. One was a few minutes over and the other was 45 min long! Definitely prepare for anything. Good luck!
  10. I interviewed on the last day, a Friday. The following week they held the webinar where they said they would be making decisions the following week. I received a call on Tuesday of that week. I guess 10-11 days after my interview. Right when they said they would call.
  11. It was a South Carolina number I believe. Can’t remember. But it definitely was not from Connecticut.
  12. They had my CASPER test scores before I received an interview invite. I was accepted. However, I don’t know if that was the case for all my classmates.
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