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  1. We are told to keep the identities of the interviewers as well as their questions confidential. However, I will say that I felt 100% prepared for my interviews and was very confident going in. I have a lot of interview experience and have been personally coached before. This is what I did beforehand... My philosophy was to own my mistakes and any weak points on my application and to make sure that if I was asked any questions pertaining to my weak points that I acknowledged my issue and explained to the interviewers how I improved, what I learned, and how I grew. I knew my strengths as well and made sure to always ALWAYS circle back to my strengths no matter what the question was. For example, if I was asked “Do you believe in flying spaghetti monsters?” (obviously I’m making this up) my answer would be “No, but I believe that religion is an important consideration when treating patients because in order to be effective you need to understand the whole person. Let me tell you about patient X ::insert TRUE story about how I did an amazing job with a patient highlighting my compassion, empathy, and intuitiveness::” Know your strengths. Highlight them every chance you get. Always end every question in a positive way. Have in your hip pocket compelling pieces of evidence or stories that back up your positive qualities and/or show how you overcame your obstacles. I literally made a list beforehand. Be personable. Smile. And for the love of all that is holy....NEVER EVER LIE. They will know. At the end of the day, who knows you better than you? Be yourself. Be confident. Be calm. You got this.
  2. You can do a zoom test meeting to test the lighting and what everyone will see. It also checks your microphone and audio. Just google “zoom test meeting” and it will bring you to the page. Definitely do this beforehand. It’s way worth it to be over prepared.
  3. It was about one and a half weeks from the day of last interviews. I'm pretty sure I interviewed on the last week and here was my timeline: 6/5: My last interview. Friday of the last week. 6/16: Notified of acceptance So that's a little less than two weeks between them. That's a quick turnaround, but it felt like forever waiting because I was so anxious.
  4. Good luck to everyone doing interviews! I'll keep my fingers crossed for y'all! Heads up...... One of my interviews DID go over. I interviewed for almost 45 min. Keep that in mind with scheduling. The other interview was a tiny bit over 30. When y'all get in come and join our fabulous facebook group! Yale PA Online 2021 Cohort. We have a lot of great resources on there already like a document with tips from current students and we even have a current student in our group who is doing a Zoom meeting with us soon to help us out. Best of luck to everyone interviewing this week, and for those waiting..... TREAT YO SELF. Go do something to zen out and destress. You got this.
  5. Good luck to everyone on this cycle! Once y’all get in come and join our fabulous Facebook group
  6. I can’t find you!! Request again so I can add you to our group
  7. Side note, I did ask my admissions counselor this and she said that the number of people offered positions has not been disclosed yet.
  8. I know of eight total so far. Please keep us posted!! My fingers are crossed for all of you!
  9. I got an official email saying my application was under review. That same day I got an email for an interview invite. Literally, hours later. I think they probably review them en mass on certain days. They probably haven’t had a review day yet because of all the interviews and acceptances wrapping up from the first cycle.
  10. I just paid my seat deposit! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! It's real! I can't wait to meet everyone in this class!!
  11. Yeah two people at least. We have two people from the Carolinas on the Facebook group who got called last night.
  12. I interviewed on a Monday and a Friday. The last week available I believe. We were told everyone would be notified early this week if they got in. Not sure if that means that everyone has been called or if they do it over a few days. Good luck to you!!!!!!
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