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  1. So, my licensure application has been set aside for evaluation. I have several misdemeanors on my record, all of which are over 13 year old, and none of which were violent or sexual or anything else really bad. There are, however, two drug paraphernalia charges. My question is this - what should I expect in the initial interview? Are they going to ask for all my mental health records? Has anyone else gone through anything like this before?
  2. Yeah, see, I had the same thought. And like I mentioned in my post, it's kinda boutique-ee, which means I'll have to learn THEIR specific protocols, and I'll want to do my own review of the available evidence, too. So I'll have essentially 8 weeks to do that, learn the meds, learn the emr, get to know the staff, and get a feel for the patient population, all while earning (albeit less) money. And what the heck new-grad gets offered $116 - ESPECIALLY right now? Maybe 3 years ago when every graduate has 5 offers by graduation, but boy that's a bygone time. The only other job I am in contention
  3. Yeah, see that sounds awesome. And actually, since posting this I negotiated a specific end-date to the partial wage, and after talking to the guy some more, I totally get it and it's honestly very fair. I'm very excited, and it's almost like I get a bonus post-school 6-week rotation where I get to learn the protocols before it gets real - which as a new-grad, I'm pretty ok with. Oh, and I got a clarification on the prorated thing, and that's only if I'M the one who wants my hours lowered. I accepted the job.
  4. Hey everyone, So I see the FIRST THING is "don't accept partial pay for training period." OK. I've been offered what appears to me to be a lucrative position. Some background - I actually created the opportunity by reaching out to them unsolicited (I thought it showed moxie, but also steeled myself for the chance that it would eliminate me from any consideration ever ). I was shocked when A) they responded B) they liked what I had to say and C) they ended up offering me a position. It's a PC-based position (yes, it's Men's Health but I'm more than ok with that) that is app
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