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  1. What are your instagrams if you have them? I'm trying to connect with people. I'm so excited!
  2. For those in the Winston-salem cohort, where will you be living? I was looking at Plant 64 and Link apartment complexes.
  3. Hey everyone! My name is Sky. I'll be in the winston-salem cohort c/o '23. I will be moving from California so would love to connect with other students! My instagram is sky.holder if anyone would be willing to message!
  4. Matriculating into the Winston-Salem cohort c/o ‘23!!!! I would love to connect with other people who are accepted if anyone wants to message! A congrats everyone and good luck to all the applicants
  5. interviewed 10/6 and just got the call. i honestly cannot believe it. i can’t wait to meet everyone soon! good luck everyone
  6. I've interviewed with a few schools and Wake Forest in particular provided a lot of options in the case of technical difficulties. I wouldnt worry too much. I didnt have the best wifi and my interviews went okay! You could also have a friend do a test zoom or webex (whichever the particular interview is using) and see how your wifi and computer is functioning!
  7. Hey! I think a suit is perfect! Wear whatever you're comfortable interviewing in and typically wear. Better to be safe. I wore a blazer.
  8. Received an interview invitation but declined as I was accepted elsewhere and flights to Indiana are expensive from CA right now. Hopefully this opens a spot up for someone else! Good luck!
  9. Oh my goodness I'm interviewing on 10/8!!!! Beyond grateful. Would love to connect with other interviewees if anyone is interested! I love chatting with people before the interview. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
  10. ACCEPTED TO GLENSIDE!!!!! I am beyond grateful and cannot wait to connect with some of you (insta maybe?)!!! Congrats everyone!!
  11. Interviewed last Monday so coming up on 2 weeks. I want to know so badly
  12. I'm waiting too! Verified mid-June. Just taking it as more time to prep lol. A little nervous because its my first one and this is my top program eek!
  13. When were you verified? Trying to gauge when I'm going to be contacted. The short turnaround is making me nervous haha!
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