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  1. Is anyone applying PCT/CNA hours as PCE experience and having it denied? MEDEX just informed me my PCT/CNA work on a med surg hospital floor does not count as PCE. But it lists it as one of the accepted PCE on their website.
  2. I appreciate it. I have called them and it just is a recording of their email. I am going to email again this week and see if I can get a response. I went over my application multiple times and Medex accepts nurse and CNA hours so I'm so confused. I have gotten interviews from other schools that require 2000 hours too. Very interesting Thanks!
  3. Hey all! I recieved an email stating I did not have the needed 2000 hours. I have over 1200 as a nurse and over 800 as CNA. I responded with the clarification and my capsa application as well as descriptions. They replied again and stated they had calculated a number that was around 1500 hours. I have no idea how they got this number. I replied asking for clarification and it has now been over 2 weeks with no reply. Any advice?
  4. Girl! I had seen your previous post and you seemed so invested that I invested! Haha I got an interview today as well and immediately hopped on here and was hoping I'd see your post as well! CONGRATS! Amazing job hanging in when the going got tough. Maybe we will see each other on Webex:)
  5. Hi! I am a little confused to what you mean about this, did you take a course that was not for college credit?
  6. Hi! I have not heard anything from the program since their receipt of my application on 6/22. This is my first time applying to PA schools but from reading from other posts and forums, the programs do not usually appreciate a bunch of emails asking for updates. They are working through thousands of applications and I would say unless it is months past when they are expected to get back to us it really is pointless to ask about updates. The waiting is awful, I feel ya! But I feel like being patient will be in our best interest! Hopefully you hear something soon! Have a wonderful day!
  7. Interview for 9/28! I completed my supplemental on July 7th. Good luck to everyone and I look forward to meeting you all!
  8. I haven't had the relationship with our MDs that I have with our charge nurse and nurse practitioners. Most schools that I have applied to indicate that they prefer a clinician who can speak to your abilities in the healthcare field. I did not want to ask the doctors who do not see me interact with patients often, although I did shadow them. I also have a PA who wrote a letter of rec as well as we have built a relationship during shadowing hours and she has worked alongside me during stressful situations. I was more interested to see if the basic verbiage LOR would need to be addressed if I need to apply next year. Thanks for your feedback!
  9. Hi all! So I recently was chatting with my charge nurse about my application. She had offered to complete a LOR for me and I gladly accepted as I was scrambling to find my last one since I have recently transitioned jobs. I told her what it was for and showed her examples but did not lead her in anything she should say as I felt that she should write what she felt appropriate. She mentioned what she wrote during our conversation and it was super basic. She knows me well enough to speak to my clinical ability and experience but she wrote it in a generic way. I think it is just her style as she is quite laid back. I really appreciate her taking the time to complete but I can not help but worry. I have been staying awake at night wondering if one lackluster LOR is going to hurt my chances. My stats are as follows Undergrad- Nursing (BSN) cGPA-3.82 sGPA-3.94 LOR- Charge nurse mentioned above, hemoc charge nurse, NICU PA PCE- 800 hours as a PCT on a hemoc unit, 1200 hours as a NICU RN HCE- 600 hours- student nurse preceptorship Volunteer- over 800 hours Leadership-1040 hours Shadow- 33 hours with two different PAs 6 years active-duty military, 3 years reserves Thanks for any guidance you all may have based off of your past experiences.
  10. I gotta say guys, this specific thread is so encouraging! I love the vibe Overall: 3.82 Overall Science: 3.94 Degree: BSN PCE: 2072- 800 as a patient care tech and 1200 as NICU nurse HCE: 600- student nurse preceptorship Shadow: 33 hours It is so interesting to see the diversity of this group! I feel like so many of you would bring something really special to the table.
  11. I was verified on 6/16 and received a confirmation email from them this morning (6/22).
  12. Haha! that's funny. I posted about this a while ago and emailed the program and still have no response to this day. I reached out to CASPA and they said the 250 was correct. lol I wouldn't worry too much if they didn't feel it was important enough to answer I doubt they will penalize anyone for it and I am sure they will allow us to resend if needed.
  13. Hi all! I was verified in CASPA today and received an email from UND stating we would be notified by the end of September with interview invites. They then gave dates in October that would be the interview dates that are non-negotiable and in person. Hope that helps!
  14. Hi everyone! I am so excited for this time! Congratulations to everyone who has even attempted this cause it is a lot of work! Worth it, but definitely a lot! I just got verified! 6/16, submitted 6/12 Good luck to you all!
  15. Hi everyone! I am so excited for this time! Congratulations to everyone who has even attempted this cause it is a lot of work! Worth it, but definitely a lot! I just got verified! 6/16, submitted 6/12. Good luck to you all!
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