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  1. I got my email within a week of my CASPA being verified.
  2. Anyone have orientation on 9/14? Just got the itinerary from Ms. Kays. Looks like we’ll be doing a group exercise.
  3. Sure, undergrad GPA 3.66 Science GPA 3.75 Over 12K hours PCE and 18K HCE (Certified Surgical Technologist and MA. HCE= various roles in doctors office) GRE 308/4 Writing
  4. Just scheduled my zoom interview! 9/12 & 9/14 Good luck, all!
  5. I got an email from them the day my CASPA was verified saying they received my app and will review in the next coming months.
  6. Going a little stir crazy... my UF “received” email came on 6/8 and nothing since. I've been waiting for the ”second level” email. The anticipation is killing me! Good luck to all!
  7. There is a woman on the BeMo Youtube channel that is very helpful in guiding you to what responses they are looking for. Other than that, they are looking for your natural response to ethical dilemmas so not much prep you can do. Definitely work on your typing speed if you struggle with that... I ran out of time on two of my responses and I am a fast typer. Good luck!
  8. I wrote down my "go-to" responses just before taking the exam so they were still fresh in my mind. There is a lady on the BeMo YouTube channel that has A LOT of tips on how to respond to the scenarios, which made me feel better about my responses. My answers were kind of repetitive but each question has a different grader so I'm not too concerned about it. I ran out of time on two of my responses and I am a fast typer. I would definitely recommend working on your typing if you are a slow typer..! Good luck!
  9. Random question and I know I'm thinking way too far in advance... Once we get our interview invites, did you think we are expected for all four days in January or just one of the four? I've seen "and" and I've seen "or"... Good luck everyone!
  10. That’s great. I am very fortunate to work in the operating room with some Gator alumni/ former UF attendings so I took all I could get. Good luck!
  11. That’s great! Are all of your evals complete? I got my “received” email on Monday. CASPA verified 6/2. I am waiting for one of five evals.
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