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  1. Goodluck to you as well! My prayers are up for you guys! I will definitely reach out Emily hopefully we will all be classmates
  2. I’m so eager to get to the interview date I’m so excited hahha
  3. It’s just concerning that students I guess don’t have the option to decline their interview invite offer?? So how would they know to invite more applicants??
  4. When did you receive an invite? And do you believe it’s still early in the game to get an interview being a second time applicant to this school?
  5. Took the Casper test on Jan 12th! I’m hopeful to get an interview ! Goodluck everyone
  6. I had a PA write my LOR and I know for a fact that a LOR from a PA is highly recommended or required for most programs
  7. Do you happen to know approximately how many people were in your interview ?
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