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  1. I interviewed 11/17 and there was a writing sample!
  2. I interviewed 11/17 too. Jeremiah said we could hear back anytime from the week after the interview through January. Good luck!
  3. Rejected from Center City without an interview as well. Good luck to everybody!
  4. Just received an invite to interview on 12/17! I'll likely be declining because I was just recently accepted to another program. I was waitlisted last week.
  5. I received a paper rejection dated 11/5 earlier this week, I did not complete a supplemental application.
  6. ACCEPTED!!!! I interviewed on 10/2 and my last name starts with an R for anyone who's curious. Good luck to all of you!
  7. I was also placed on the waitlist and agree that it seems like if we get pulled off it would be without interviews. Does anyone have insight on this? I've never heard of a PA school accepting students without interviewing first!
  8. Does anybody who has already interviewed have any tips? The invite said that interviews would be "conversational," so I'm assuming it's a more traditional format (rather than MMI or scenario-based). Thanks in advance!
  9. Has anybody else not received a rejection or an interview invite? I also didn't receive the one that was marked in error that others received a few weeks ago.
  10. I was verified 6/24, but it seems like they're reviewing applications out of order. Good luck!
  11. Just following along - I interviewed on 10/2. Good luck everybody!
  12. Also received an interview invite for 11/17! Very excited about this program.
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