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  1. did u interview and get waitlisted? Or are u waitlisted for an interview? When did u apply if u dont mind me asking?
  2. So I called using the PA admissions number on rush’s website! I didnt want to call asking specifically for my status but I said something along the lines of how long will it take for a person who applied in June to hear back bc thats when I applied and Stacy then asked for my name and looked up my status! Good luck!
  3. i called admissions and they were super nice and looked up where i was in the review process! helped me ease some worries
  4. I applied the first week of June, i’m curious to why I haven’t heard back yet. Anyone else with me?
  5. I was wondering this as well! Anyone have some input on this?
  6. no worries! im looking at the bright side im glad it wasnt a rejection!
  7. hey guys i just got an email saying i've been placed on the waitlist for an interview. Although this isn't what I had hoped for I do hope I am able to receive an interview soon as this school is my dream! Good luck everyone. For those curious I was verified 6/8 and got the welcome letter on 6/17.
  8. mine too! thanks so much, your post makes me feel better as well!
  9. hey! i was verified on 6/8 and got the welcome letter on 6/17. I spoke with admissions on october 1st and she said I am towards the end of being reviewed. She said I can expect to hear back in a week or so. Im really hoping this is my week and yours too! Good luck to you and anyone else on the same boat as us. Hang in there
  10. They are! Ive heard that really doesnt mean anything sadly:/ applying early only lets admissons look at ur app earlier but they wont send out rejections until theyre done interviewing
  11. has anyone heard back recently? Whether it be a rejection letter or interview invite?
  12. has anyone heard back recently? Whether it be a rejection letter or interview invite?
  13. I called admissions last week and spoke with Stacy who was super helpful. I had called not to ask about my status but to ask when we can expect to here back considering it’s been 16 weeks for me since getting the welcome letter. she confirmed with me they are super behind on apps bc one person is reading them as someone else had already mentioned. She actually asked for my name and told me I am almost at the end of the review process and can expect to hear back this week! For those wondering I applied June 3rd, verified June 8th, and welcome letter received June 17th! Keep hanging in there everyone:)
  14. has anyone tried sending an email to request a status update? I know when I called the admissions office the automatic message said they don't give status updates over the phone but can email a status update if needed.
  15. I had the same timeline as you and still haven't heard back yet. Stay positive guys!
  16. Congrats, that's good to hear that they are still looking at applicants who applied around that date Good luck!
  17. My friend got a rejection letter about a week after applying and she applied the end of July. They said her classes were not good enough for the prerequisites.
  18. I was verified June 6th and didn't get my email until June 17th! I would not worry at all. Good luck!
  19. Anyone who hasnt interviewed been rejected?
  20. I submitted June 3:/ I cannot seem to understand the way admissions is looking at apps in this type of order
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