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  1. Was accepted yesterday! Can I be added? Samantha (Sam) Horn.
  2. Just got pulled off the “hold” list and was accepted. I told Ms. Gill that I was not expecting the call after being waitlisted. She informed me that the hold status was not a waitlist, just a pool of applicants they thought were valuable candidates but wanted to interview more people before giving out acceptances. She said my spot is still an original seat. Don’t be worried if you were placed on hold, you may experience something similar!
  3. I just received one today and I picked November 10th. Based on the 2 available dates.
  4. Did you get a call or an email? I received an email asking if I would like to accept being placed on the waitlist.
  5. Radio silence. This is so strange to me as I am a current IUPUI student, with several friends of mine who also had interviews, and none of us have heard anything as well.
  6. I got an acceptance call around 4:50pm today! I interviewed on the morning of October 2nd
  7. On the email for the schedule for the interview date tomorrow, there is no specific interview times listed. Only a "candidate activity." Does anyone have any input/ideas on what the activity might be and if there is a spot for an interview that I am not aware of? TIA
  8. It’s only September 3. I would say the beginning of September would be at least the first 10 days. Just try to be patient, I know that is easier said than done. It’s also possible you could take an interview spot of someone who may decline theirs last minute.
  9. Maybe it has something to do with when you submitted your supplemental app? I'm not totally sure. I got a confirmation a few days after submitting but I did so on 5/31.
  10. Anyone on here receive their interview for 8/14? We were given the option of in-person or virtual. I opted for in-person and was curious if anyone else did as well!
  11. Received an interview invite today (7/23) Submitted on 7/17 Interview date of 9/25 - pending whether virtual or in-person
  12. Same, I submitted late June. Got a confirmation on 6/26. haven't heart anything since. Hopefully it will at least be early August!
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