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  1. Yes, you're right the interviews are conducted oct-jan. when they decide to send the invites is anyone's guess.
  2. I am a current student in the program. The invite dates that you are specifying are not true. I received my invitation on 01/12/2021 for my interview on 1/25/2021. This was the case for many others as well whom I interviewed with.
  3. My letter specifically stated the Laredo campus of UT health so I think it is assigned
  4. Hey so did I, just got the call. What are our next moves?
  5. I don’t think it would be fair or allowed for us to share that.
  6. During my interview they said everyone who is interviewed will be told whether they got accepted, rejected, or waitlisted by thanksgiving.
  7. 3.67 cumulative 3.73 science 1721 PCE as inpatient therapy tech 2600 HCE as medical record assistant at law firm 150 volunteer hours 8 hours shadowing OR physician 1 professor, 2 coworkers/supervisor, 1 electro physician
  8. I was verified june 6th and I interviewed 9/30 but haven’t heard anything yet
  9. Has anyone gotten any answers from them via email? I’ve tried calling them and no one ever answers.
  10. Yeah I got that on 7/15, haven’t heard anything since
  11. Just spoke with NAU, they will have it here shortly
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