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  1. I interviewed on 9/21 and still have not heard anything. Anyone else in the same boat?
  2. I see the accepted student checklist on the portal! I interviewed on 10/9. Does this mean I am in??
  3. That is super helpful, thank you so much! Was that the only interview aspect of the day?
  4. I have an interview on the 21st, and I'd love to know a little about what to expect from the flipgrid activity, if anyone who has already interviewed wouldn't mind sharing! Also, does anyone know whether the admissions is rolling?
  5. Thank you!! GPA: 3.61, sGPA: 3.58 GRE: verbal- 164, quant- 155, writing- 4.5 HCE: ~3000 as an MA Volunteer: ~200
  6. I have accepted my seat to South Savannah! So excited! Does anyone know if there is a FB group for admitted students?
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