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  1. a few of us are in an "unofficial" one, but we stopped using it because we were told that the school would put one together for everyone once they fill the class!
  2. Yeah I accepted! I heard back 2 weeks after my interview. Best of luck!
  3. Interviewed 9/28 and was accepted 10/12
  4. Mine only lasted about 20 minutes... like you said they just want to get to know you! They asked a few scenario based questions as well. It was my first interview ever too @aprepa96 so don't stress!
  5. It was actually nice! It was my first interview ever for PA school and I was super nervous but came out feeling good. Hope that helps!
  6. Accepted my offer today!! Excited to meet my future cohort!
  7. when did you submit? it took me a few weeks to get a confirmation...
  8. Interviewed on 9/28 and received an acceptance yesterday!!
  9. I'm not going to lie, I am embarrassed by my "lack of" stats, but I am a senior in undergrad and only applied to see if any sort of learning experience could come out of this. Nonetheless, here they are... non-Florida resident (california) cGPA: 3.77 sGPA: 3.48 PCE: 0 (certified medical assistant, just don't have any working hours yet) HCE: 125 hours GRE: 303 + 3.0 volunteer hours: 30 hours leadership hours: 1300 (multiple club leadership positions and captain of universities volleyball team for 3 years) shadow hours: 20 LOR: Coach, PA, 2 Depar
  10. I’m in the same boat with wanting to send a follow up email. I received an automated email on 9/5 after my initial one, but nothing after that. I’m thinking of sending one on wednesday morning at the latest if I don’t hear anything by then.
  11. has anybody who RSVP'd for one of the interview dates gotten a confirmation email?
  12. my caspa application was verified 6/2 and I received an email from Gannon on 6/26 telling me my app was under review. interview is 9/28
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