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  1. Hi, thank you to every one who dropped by to help! Below are the science courses I took in order, with grades: general biology I (C- first time, A second time), general biology II (B-) **general chemistry I (C+), general chemistry II (C) --- both with labs general physiology (B) biochemistry (B) organic chem I (B-), organic chem II (B-) genetics (B-) microbiology (A) human anatomy (A) endocrinology (A) Planning on taking: immunology, human physiology, developmental biology, medical terminology OR primate anatomy I'm currently a second term senior at a university, and I graduate Spring 2021. Many people advise students to not retake basic courses and focus on upper level courses, but there are also many people who suggest to retake any basic course with C grades to show PA schools that the first grades I received do not define my capability. Any opinion on whether I should spend extra time to retake general chemistry I and II ? If I should retake them, then should I enroll in the labs again or that won't be necessary since I already took them the first time I took the courses? Thank you again for your time!
  2. Hi guys. I'm an incoming undergraduate senior at a SUNY. I had a very rough start freshman year and ended up with low GPA. As I just finished my junior year, I currently have a 3.24 GPA and a 2.9 science GPA (if I calculated correctly). This is mainly due to getting a C and C+ in general chem I and II and B- in both orgo I and II. After speaking to my advisors, I've decided to not retake those courses and instead focus on doing well in high level science courses. However, I believe that I will need to do more to stand out among the other bright students who will be applying to PA schools. I am planning on taking gaps years working as CNA after graduation (planning on getting certified this summer). But besides that, I would also like to boost my GPA. I was wondering if I should do a post-bacc program or if I should just take many science courses at a community college. I looked at some classes offered in post-bacc program, and they are very similar to courses I've taken in my undergrad years, therefore I'm not sure if it's worth it to spend so much money in a post-bacc program. My top PA school choices include CUNY school of medicine, Touro College, Stony Brook University...these colleges accept minimum pre-req grades C. Thank you so much, any advice will help!
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