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  1. Thank you for calling! I paid my deposit. Anyone else who has already paid- does your PURL still state on the tabs side "Deposit Now" the Conditions of Acceptance state that after you pay your deposit that the link for the security background check will become available. Anyone see this?
  2. Same! And when you click on it, it has the Handbooks for the the PA program and EVMS!
  3. Thanks everyone for the responses! I agree an interview is a huge honor! I wish I didn’t know about the “waves” but do agree that the waves are sent out on a point based system. Getting excited but very anxious as well!
  4. To all who know a lot about the EVMS application process- how much is the interview weighted? For example, are all interviewees on "equal turf" or does the wave in which you received an interview invite count as well? I am a first time applicant and received a first wave invite. Reading through past posts, it seems there are a few people who were in the first wave who did not receive a seat offer.
  5. Yes I was as well! Just wondering if anyone knew about the number of first time applicants
  6. Thanks! Mine is July 18 @839 and didn’t receive mine yet. I’m guessing they will send them by days/times.
  7. Thanks! I didn’t see that information posted anywhere. Thanks for the inside scoop!
  8. After reading the Interview Manual, I have the impression that our two interviews are going to be individual instead of group interviews. Does anyone else think the same? It seems there would be less risk of technical difficulties with a personal interview vs. group one. Also, has anyone already received their interview link email? Mine is not until July 18 but the manual mentions an interview link email and just want to make sure I didn't miss anything. Looking forward to "seeing" everyone this weekend!
  9. I do not have that. I also have an interview invite and that was on my PURL before I received an invite. My events tab in my PURL also states that registration is full. Unsure if they have sent out rejections yet.
  10. Yes! Thank you so much! It disappeared for a couple of days and then it popped back up again. Just wanted to see if others had the same. Thanks again for calming my nerves! Interviews are so close but so far away!
  11. To anyone that has received/registered for an interview- On my PURL, when I visit the page, the option to register for an interview is still there. In the "Events" tab, it states that I am registered but still gives me the option to register for an interview. It also says that there are 0 guests in the event. Is anyone else's PURL looking like this? Just checking here first before emailing the admissions team. TIA!
  12. Can you give any insight to types of questions that you were asked during your interview?
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