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  1. I interviewed back in the fall on the first interview week and just got accepted off the waitlist last week, however will be declining. So don't lose hope, it definitely can happen! :)
  2. I received an acceptance call yesterday from my interview on 10/7!
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/396608741538960/?ref=share join the group if you’re accepted and planning to attend!! anyone waiting for waitlist notification, best of luck and don’t give up hope!!
  4. Wondering if anyone accepted that put down the deposit has received any sort of confirmation? I’ve done all 4 things on the checklist that had to be done by Nov 20th and haven’t heard anything about confirmation that they received it all. Thanks in advance!
  5. I just got an offer of acceptance email!!! Hope everyone else hears some good news today.!
  6. Hey everyone! I have just declined my spot in the program. I got accepted to a school close to home that offers me in state tuition. This cohort and the program seem so amazing and supportive and I am bummed I won’t be apart if it but I hope this opens up a seat to someone else! You all are so deserving and I wish you all the best of luck and endless successes
  7. I have had a few other acceptances and am weighing my options at this point. This cohort seems so supportive and the program is amazing so it is definitely a hard decision! Best of luck to everyone.
  8. I got an email from UPS saying it was being delivered today you submitted the form they sent in the email right?
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