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  1. Just got an interview invite but will be declining to attend another program! Good luck everyone
  2. Hi all! I have decided to withdraw from my seat at Marist. They truly have an amazing program, and I hope this opens up a spot for someone special today! Good luck!!
  3. I also got the welcome letter back in mid-June! Still nothing yet
  4. I wonder if Rush is pretty much through with interviewing and just taking a long time to send rejections to the rest of us? I know a few programs who already announced their "last interview date" and will probably send out rejection emails later on.
  5. Anyone else interviewing on the 7th?? I'm so nervous but excited!
  6. Also just received my rejection letter. Seems like applying early was really important to land an interview here this cycle!
  7. Oh boy! Does that mean everyone else who has not heard back for an interview will be rejected soon?
  8. Thank you! Did you feel like the questions were pretty fair/getting to know you? Or more on the unique/challenging end? Trying my best to be the most prepared I can!!
  9. Is the interview this year traditional ? Can anyone give any insight
  10. Let's do it! That way, we can discuss without feeling the pressure.
  11. Does anyone know if there are any facebook pages or group me for accepted students? I'd love to start getting to know those thinking about attending this program!
  12. Has anyone received an acceptance or rejection from the 10/2 interview?
  13. Don't lose hope!! Did they notify you through email?
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