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  1. Do you mind telling me what have you done differently this cycle? Which schools did you applied to and received interviews from? Thank you in advance!
  2. I haven't received confirmation email about receiving my application should I send an email to them asking about confirmation?
  3. Does anyone know when there last interview date is? I'm still on the waitlist for an interview!
  4. @sc215266 Did you hear back after the interview or not yet?
  5. @crs92 I did once on Monday when I received invitation and again yesterday as I received invitation again yesterday! Haven't received confirmation yet!
  6. @marykay Ok! I will call them as I haven't and I emailed them twice about interview time! How long after confirming your time did you get confirmation?
  7. @marykay Did you received confirmation after replying to email? Just asking bcoz I received another email asking to pick interview time so not sure if they did not received my email.
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