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  1. Hello I hope this helps, but casper never sent any communication after I finished the test. I actually just kept logging back in to check, and to the best of my recollection, I believe it was several weeks. Under review means the ball is rolling, so try to just relax for now!
  2. This is why I think in life (in person or otherwise), we should all be thoughtful in how we speak and behave. I'm excited to get to work (at some point) and am looking forward to some semblance of cohesion and comradarie, somethings that I miss from my military days
  3. @olipajoli @Aselph @Tiera @Crschr awful news guys, sorry
  4. Yay, thank you! How exciting?? Hey that's really amazing! Imagine what everyone has to offer?? And it did seem so long, yet fast at the same time. How is it already almost August??
  5. Just saw this. Yes, apps went under review June 20 for I think a lot of us? @YCrossPA So just over 5 weeks of waiting
  6. Aw Thank you for thinking of me! I'll be waiting for you too!
  7. Thank you! Can't believe it! Now I have to really bear down on prep. IDK how to go about getting organized but have to start somewhere
  8. Guys, I was invited to interview !!!!! I took a few minutes to collect myself and make calls, and was successful at scheduling both.
  9. Okay, yes, this. Thank you. I've been thinking about this and I believe that you're exactly right, @nikki386. Contrary to what @PAinPenna believes (because I brought up a valid point), I know what it is to be in medicine. I've been working in healthcare for a long time. And I know what I'm getting myself into. But I think it is worth noting how the rhetoric effects current PAs and PA hopefuls. Who wants to go into a volatile field? Who wants to go into an environment where they know they'll be hated? What I really look for in mentors is consistency, dedication, and reassurance. You know, leadership. And the fact that there is so much infighting is concerning. IDK.
  10. I wanted to jump in on this convo and say how disheartening reading all of this is. I'm also an HM hoping to be PA @HMtoPA. I appreciate you making a point to discern between md & pa. I have to say, these threads end up on reddit, specifically r/residency (as @ANESMCR pointed out), and on #midlevelrant, and it really has made me think twice, even thrice, about choosing to pursue the PA route. It just seems like there is no solidarity in the PA community, and it makes it easy for NPs and MDs to gang up and even dismiss PAs as a whole. I'm not sure what I'm looking to gain out of saying this, but it stinks to feel this way when I really should be so excited to jump in and get to work.
  11. Oh man, yeah seems that way. Thanks @YCrossPA. Today was a little rough, not gonna lie. Just have to focus on the things I can control for now!
  12. Not necessarily, no. I submitted May, verified and under review in June. Still no word about interview or rejection.
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