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  1. Hello, Ryan! I think from interview to acceptance was ~17 days (8/11-8/28). And I would just practice being comfortable talking about yourself I don't like talking about myself so I had to really prep!
  2. Thank you @jamierah, no worries Sometimes it isn't wise to engage in online conversational combat lol We gotta pick and choose who/what is worth the effort. I've been known to be wrong!
  3. Welcome, @lennythepa! I can't believe it is 93 pages in already lol. A record, maybe?
  4. I thought about this all night and hesitated to revisit this today, but I'm so glad I did. So I just wanted to jump back and say thank you to everyone else for stepping in. I hesitated to "feed the troll" initially, but felt so personally insulted by that person's remarks -- especially since they tried to insult me directly. I can take a hit, though. Their comments very obviously have no merit, which is why I think it is important to take the intellectual high road while forcing them to own up. There is someone behind that account who feels wronged, but they are obviously and irretrievab
  5. Happy for you, honest. You're already finishing rotations from last year's acceptance? Wow. If that is the case, I don't envy you having to cram everything in within such a short time frame. But a one year program seems strange to me. I believe you and am willing to have a meaningful conversation of substance. But there is no need to make inflammatory remarks for the sake of entertainment. Nor is there any need to attack me. I just found it curious that your comments came out of the blue, as well as the age of your account, as I'm sure anyone else might be. The questions I asked were to f
  6. I'm curious about you going through the application and interview process only to turn it down. When did you find out about the supposed issue? I would think that you would have done some sort of research beforehand, right? There aren't 5 years of pictures to look at (from what I can find). What is a "mess" about the program itself? Super curious what you found out that others haven't been able to up until now. Also, did you end up going somewhere else? If so, what do you like about the program you're attending? And have you guys been able to attend in person quite yet or are you Zoom U l
  7. This is one of the biggest reasons why there is an unspoken "don't share stats" rule. Because it is more than just that!
  8. Only my favorite dysfunctional fake Doc! & thank you! I'm saving these so it will help me kill these next 4 months until school starts! @TheFatMan
  9. Dr. Tobbagan @TheFatMan, would you be able to recommend some podcasts? Or a good place to start looking?
  10. Yes! Thank you and good luck to you! You'll do great I'm sure
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