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  1. Oh, I almost forgot. Check us out on @Uofstfrancispa on instagram for student posts and more info on our program. Bethany Ford PA-S1 Student Academy Representative
  2. Hello, my name is Bethany Ford and I am the USF Student Academy Representative for the class of 2023. Congratulations on embarking on your journey to PA school, and I wish all of you to have a great cycle this year. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. If I can give any advice as interview season will be upon us soon... practice practice practice! Get comfortable answering interview questions. Really nail down why you want to be a PA. And finally, be yourself. The right school for you will just feel right. Remember the goal is not just to get in anywhere you can, you want to
  3. Just received an interview invite. Declined it due to being accepted somewhere else. Hope someone else gets the opportunity!
  4. Recieved an interview invite last night. I withdrew my application as I have been accepted to a January start program. Hurt a little bit because I’m an AZ native and I’m literally apartment searching in another state right now, but timing wise this is the best option for me. Hopefully someone else who deserves it will get the interview. Good luck
  5. Thanks Jacqueline for posting this! So excited to get an inside look at life at USF before I start!
  6. They use zoom for the interview. They have a group interview and two individual interviews
  7. Everyone in my virtual interview was dressed up. I wore a nice blouse, blazer, and dress pants. Dress like you would if you were there in person
  8. Hey everyone! Just wanted to hop on and say I am ecstatic to have received an acceptance from USF. January suddenly feels so close haha! I have a lot to do before then. Good luck to anyone interviewing, you got this.
  9. I also recieved an interview invite this week over zoom later this month. Excited!
  10. Anyone who got an interview what were your stats? I just got rejected. 3.81 GPA 3.65 sGPA and 313 GRE. 1600 hours as Er tech
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