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  1. I applied end of august and was invited to an interview today for 12/15. I’m most likely gonna decline. They haven’t received accreditation yet, right?
  2. I’ve already gotten the waitlist email three times, but I’ve never even interviewed with them. I wonder how low my chances are...
  3. Hey! I know exactly how you are feeling and there is nothing I can say that will guarantee an acceptance. However, to give you some hope there are only 18 members in our FB group. Some have already been accepted to other places. Granted there are people who don’t follow this forum or even have FB. But I’m pretty sure UofM still has a few seat left to offer. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything. Best wishes!
  4. haha sameeee. I reached my max at 11 am and now I feel bad for not liking everyones posts. I do read everyone's posts
  5. Congrats y'all! I'm praying for those waiting to hear back I was told we would get an email in the next two days and then have a week to respond.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/groups/755458478419377?group_view_referrer=profile_browser Try this
  7. Sooooooooo happy the positive squad is staying together. I’m so happy!!! I’m at work right now so I can’t exactly celebrate, but hope to soon after I pay the deposit. For those still waiting to hear back stay patient even if you don’t get a call today you may hear right up until the first day of class. A lot of people interviewed have been accepted to other programs so the turnover rate is pretty high. We also have a week to pay the deposit or we lose our spot. So don’t forget y’all! (Remind me ) can’t wait to see who else is joining us!!
  8. CONGRATSSSSSSSBGUYSSSSSSSS. what was the number I got a missed call but I can’t call the number back.
  9. I applied late September and have not heard anything. Was the email only sent to those who received interview invites?
  10. ^^ thank you for sharing. I love reading your guys' post because its all so relatable. This week has been sooo hard. And the tears dont stop. Received a rejection EVERY SINGLE DAY. Flint is one of the last programs I still have a chance at. I'm holding on to a thin piece of hope, and really hoping it'll all be worth it. We are so RESILIENT and just have a few more days before we KNOW.
  11. Got an email saying they've sent all interview invites. congrats to those who received one! does anyone know if we were rejected if we did not receive an email invite? The email was kinda confusing.
  12. Ohhhh. Did you call today? UofM said we’ll know in October and not to contact them before nov 3rd. You’re right they do receive a letter and ARC posts on their website in November, but that’s usually after the programs are informed “informally.” I’ve been stalking other new program forums and theirs respective school website I have not seen any accreditation updates as of today. But with Michigan state postponing their class I’m 90% sure it’s because of the accreditation meeting. Someone else posted in the forum that they attended an information meeting recently and that the program already kn
  13. Ughh I worked so hard on those secondary questions. At least we get the $100 back
  14. Welp. Hopefully next week anyone know if they have a PA program informational meeting soon?
  15. Have they received accreditation provisional?
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