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  1. Does anyone know what date the program starts?
  2. Does anyone know what date the next class is starting?
  3. In person orientation is 5/25. Must be there 5/24 for covid testing
  4. No, but I assume Helen will send another update in a few days
  5. Alternate or APOS? I’m on the alternate list so fingers crossed
  6. Orientation is May 25th! I haven’t heard if it’s going to be in-person or not. Perhaps somebody else can answer that!
  7. You are #1 I believe! Mine said #20.0. Good luck!
  8. In an email they said it would likely be June 1st or 2nd this year.
  9. They had offered me an interview in January but then moved me up to an interview date a few weeks ago. So they may still be doing interviews, I wouldn’t count that out!
  10. Does anyone know anything about how the separate campuses work (PA vs. DE)? I read something online about how students at the DE campus have to commute to the PA campus for classes sometimes (~90 minutes?). Not sure if this is true or not?
  11. Anyone have any updates about when we might hear about decisions?
  12. I interviewed on the 16th as well. I wouldn’t email her again personally. I don’t think it will speed up the decision making at all - I’m sure we will hear back soon!
  13. Has anyone heard back from the November interviews?
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