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  1. Does anyone know if we will be notified if we were rejected or waitlisted from the Sept. 18th interview in the 1-2 week period. Tomorrow marks 3 weeks and I still haven't heard anything. They did say we would be informed either way, right? It just seems like it's taking a long time and I'm kind of getting frustrated.
  2. I also interviewed 9/18. I really hope they let us know by the end of this week. I just wanna know! They must be close if they've already sent out interviews for the next session. It will be soon, that's what I keep telling myself at least.
  3. Goodness gracious is anyone sick of waiting for results yet?? I feel like we might hear back from someone tomorrow in regards to the interview last Friday--best of luck to everyone! I'm so ready to just end the application stress!
  4. I am about to put in my deposit! This might be a tad bit early but is anybody looking for other female roommates? Where are you guys considering living? Bridgeport or another outside town? I've never even been to CT so it's hard for me to say where to live.
  5. Has anybody known of a PA student at UB? How was their experience? Do they feel like they received quality education? Do you guys think this school would prepare us well for the medical field? Also because it's 28 months, you think there's more time for breaks throughout the years?
  6. I got an interview for 6/26 today-- I applied on May 22nd!
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