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  1. Congrats everyone! I feel like I’ve been waiting months to have CLASSMATES hopefully we will be meeting in Stamford soon
  2. Hi guys! I got into SHU a while back and I think it’s officially where I’m going!! I’m so excited, but I never got the link to the online tour. Can someone send it to me? Can’t wait to get to know everyone more
  3. Nothing today, anyone? I’ll stay hopeful for tomorrow! Maybe one more day of waiting.?!
  4. I got on the waitlist today but I am happy because it gives me more time to think about moving to Philly! Super excited cuz I know they pick a lot of people off the waitlist too
  5. Yes of course! You can do any specialty as a PA! They just focus on teaching primary, preventive care (lots of PA programs do this) good luck!
  6. I would check your spam bc you should have gotten a confirmation email from them!
  7. AH! I’m from the new haven area and I keep getting tons of local spam calls...and naively answering them! Congrats everyone- I can’t wait to hear soon
  8. I am! I emailed Christian and he said he is letting the faculty/admissions committee know!
  9. I interviewed 9/28 and just got my acceptance call!
  10. Do you think some people will hear this week? I’m getting anxious haha congrats to everyone who’s got in!
  11. Ya you’ll be done after your personal interview, and there’s a possibility you’ll have a break between the info session and interview. There’s no group activity or anything
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