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  1. I interviewed 9/28 and just got my acceptance call!
  2. Do you think some people will hear this week? I’m getting anxious haha congrats to everyone who’s got in!
  3. Ya you’ll be done after your personal interview, and there’s a possibility you’ll have a break between the info session and interview. There’s no group activity or anything
  4. I haven't heard back from 9/28. I was hoping to hear by tomorrow night- no idea though!
  5. I wore a blazer and took it off during the break and then got called into my interview room and forgot to put it back on (major facepalm!) I would wear a blazer or jacket!
  6. Is anyone having trouble creating their portal? I got my email this morning with a link to create one, but it says I do not have Duo and can't access their site. However, I have Duo through my undergraduate university. Any ideas?
  7. hi! I had a 3.8 GPA, 3.6 sciGPA, a 313 on the GRE, and 1000 hours as a hospital tech/CNA. I also had lots of research/public health experiences and about 200 hours volunteering!
  8. I think I was verified around 6/8 and submitted shortly after that!
  9. I got an interview invite for 9/28 as well!
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