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  1. Submitted 6/29! Really like this program so hoping for the best!
  2. I'll happily look at it for you. If you're willing to look at mine, I'd appreciate it, but either way I'll tell you what I think about yours if you want to PM me.
  3. I'll happily help! It may be Friday before I can get to it because that's my next off day. I'd appreciate a review of mine too if you have the time--if not that's ok too!
  4. Thank you so much!! If you're still willing to do so, how can I send it to you?
  5. That's awesome! Congrats!! I'll stay hopeful then! My stats are pretty average so I wanted to get it in as soon as possible, but I'm waiting on LOR and I'm not going to be pushy about those with COVID so bad here and everyone (more importantly) focused on that.
  6. Kinda bummed/nervous because I am very interested in this program, but I likely cannot submit for another 2 weeks or so Has anyone heard of people getting interviews/acceptances to this program who applied late in the cycle?
  7. Hi! I know there's a million requests for this, but I would really appreciate it if someone could review my personal statement. I'm willing to return the favor! I've had it edited by My PA Life already and completed a revision with their edits/suggestions in mind. Please let me know if you're willing to help!
  8. I used it as well. I think my editor made some good overall suggestions at revisions to consider, but I felt like some of her rearrangements were really awkward and choppy sounding. Just my opinion. I do think I came out with a better PS after editing it some more with her suggestions in mind, but I don't know if it was worth it.
  9. Would you mind looking at my personal statement? I'm working on completing a draft by this Friday so should be able to send it over then. Congrats on your acceptance!!
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