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  1. I received the confirmation 4 days after my invite. It contained more details than just confirming the interview so I’m sure they wait on most to respond in order to get an accurate schedule together and send out in a mass email. Honestly, I’d give it until at least Monday to follow up. In general, most emails I sent were replied to the day of and if not then by the next day. It is a holiday week after all so I think it’s normal to expect delays.
  2. Does anyone who interviewed (or lives locally perhaps) have any information or recommendations for housing? Some of the apartments I'm finding now are superrr expensive and I remember students talking about how housing was somewhat affordable (with examples) but for some reason I'm drawing a complete blank now!
  3. Received this email as well. I was very confused by it honestly. I appreciated the thorough description of ways to improve your app if interested in reapplying. But in regard to expecting an email from graduate admissions, I was a bit confused...
  4. Just a guess but it sounded to me like they leave all applicants as active until after they complete interviews so pretty much everyone has a chance until the class is full. Sorry if that's wrong! It was the impression I got during the interview week.
  5. Still processing it (is this real?!??), but I was accepted after my interview on 11/12! I cannot believe it y'all. I can't wait to be a PA. Like others here, I did not have a lot of confidence in my interview and, preceding that, I did not have a lot of confidence in my app. I am far from the perfect applicant (shoutout to that D in O Chem which I am now officially NEVER taking again ), but this is proof dreams really do come true and we are all so much MORE than bad grades, or gaps in schooling, or bad interviews, or whatever it is that causes you to doubt yourself, etc. etc. Keep the faith and I can't wait to see who else joins the class!
  6. I feel the same way. I was not super confident in my interview outcome anyway but not necessarily stressed about it. It's like I've gradually become way more excited about Duke in the week since the interview, so now I'm kinda sad I don't think I stand a chance and just wish we'd have the results ASAP. That way I can mourn and move on lol.
  7. I interviewed today. They still have 2 rounds of interviews, one in December and one in January so y’all have plenty of time! Good luck and I hope you hear good news soon!
  8. I think they still likely have a couple rounds of interviews left at least! Judging from prior cycles and what they’ve held so far.
  9. Accepted from the 10/20 interview! Nova has been so great through this whole process. So incredibly excited!
  10. Waitlisted from yesterday congrats to whoever got the remaining spots!
  11. Y'all the suspense is killing me! I hope we hear good news from UAB soon! Like tomorrow soon
  12. I received an interview invite today! Very shocked lol. Now does anyone know of someone who got accepted this late in the cycle to South-Savannah before? This was my top school before my application got delayed until the end of July (and I knew I was veryyy late to the game) so now I want to remain hopeful but realistic too
  13. This is so helpful! Thank you so much for the information!
  14. For those who have interviewed, how long did it take to hear if you were accepted/rejected/waitlisted? If accepted, how long did you have to submit your deposit? For the Student Q&A, is it mostly students answering common questions or is there a lot of participation from the those interviewing, etc.? (i.e. Can you mostly relax after your individual interviews?) This is my first interview so trying to calm my nerves as much as possible beforehand!
  15. I was thinking it was getting too late for this school but I received an interview invite for 9/26 today! Stay hopeful if you're still waiting, guys!
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