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  1. Did anyone applying happen to take classes through Doane?
  2. @ARPA2024 I would be just fine if I never had to write another essay in my life
  3. Received the following email today (7-14) " Your CASPA application has been verified and your CASPer test score has been received. There is no supplemental application required, and your application is now under review. Please note that we do not utilize a rolling admissions process. Therefore, you will not hear from us again until we have completed application review for the entire applicant pool. Interview status notifications will be sent via e-mail in mid-October. Please do not send updates: your application will not be reviewed a second time, if new information is o
  4. I just submitted my application (7/9). I was apprehensive because I feel like I am not a competitive applicant, but I would love to move my little family to Oregon and have a fresh start on my life. So I figured why not shoot my shot? Good luck everyone.
  5. Yeah I actually called them because i was concerned but they said they had all the materials but it takes 21 business days. I was worried they didn't receive my GRE score.
  6. I received confirmation that Utah received the results from my CASPer test from June 17th today. I think there were a few other people that took the test at the same time as me.
  7. Yes, University of Utah requires Snapshot.
  8. @ARPA2024 What did you think of the Casper test? I didn't find it particularly difficult, just odd. I really did not like the snap shot.
  9. @arpa2024 Oh! I hope you get in and assigned to st.george it sounds like that would be really great for you. Fingers crossed!
  10. This is my first time applying to WMU. I just submitted (6/18). Good luck to everyone!
  11. Hi everyone! I just submitted my application. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  12. Submitted 6/10 Verified 6/11 Non-traditional student. Non-resident. cGPA: 3.45 sGPA: 2.79 GRE: 297 PCE: 12,000+
  13. Submitted 6/10 Verified 6/11 Non-traditional student. Non-resident. cGPA: 3.45 sGPA: 2.79 HCE: 12,000+ Snapshot completed: 6/14 CASPer completed: 6/17
  14. Hey everyone it's my first time applying here! Excited to meet everyone. Is there anyone applying from out of state? I'm in Iowa!
  15. Hey! I'm applying here! I am still working on my personal statement (to make it perfect), but I'm from Iowa. Excited to meet everyone! Good luck y'all
  16. Hi Everyone! I was rejected today (9/4) I submitted 7/14 My stats: cGPA 3.49 sGPA 2.78 12k+ PCE hours 900 volunteer hours 0 shadowing hours Out of state resident. Good luck to all of you still in the running! You're going to nail those interviews!
  17. I haven't heard anything from them and I'm concerned. I check my spam folder every day but there's nothing there. Anyone else in the same boat? (Sorry this is my first cycle so I'm not sure what to expect)
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