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  1. Hi Everyone! I was rejected today (9/4) I submitted 7/14 My stats: cGPA 3.49 sGPA 2.78 12k+ PCE hours 900 volunteer hours 0 shadowing hours Out of state resident. Good luck to all of you still in the running! You're going to nail those interviews!
  2. I haven't heard anything from them and I'm concerned. I check my spam folder every day but there's nothing there. Anyone else in the same boat? (Sorry this is my first cycle so I'm not sure what to expect)
  3. I'm in the same boat! Although I didn't really apply early in the cycle.
  4. Yes, from my understanding it is overall GPA and not sGPA however you still need at least a C in all prereqs
  5. I used a sGPA calculator and my sGPA is below their 3.2 requirement. Does this mean my application will automatically be removed?
  6. I'm thinking of adding this program to my list of schools I'm applying to. What made everyone choose University of Dubuque?
  7. I am submitting my application later once I take the GRE. Does this mean my application won't be considered because I didn't submit soon enough?
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