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  1. I am considering the change from DPT to PA-C. I graduate my PT program in December and have plans to work at a Traveling Therapist and pay off around $70k in debt in the next few years. 

    As I get closer to the end, I find myself constantly looking into becoming a PA. I went to an undergrad with a strong PA program and have several friends who are working as PA's now. 

    I would love any advice you have about making a career change. Did you feel that going back to PA school put a strain on your family or personal relationships? Was it manageable financially?

    I feel embarrassed and ashamed to have worked hard for 7 years and no longer feel the passion for the career I was once so excited about. 


    1. UGoLong

      There is nothing wrong with continuing to develop and changing your life's focus. Believe me, I've done it several times. The beauty of it is that nothing you learn is ever lost or wasted. Just think how a PA with a PT background could shine -- if they wanted to -- in physical medicine, orthopedics, and so forth!

      For me it wasn't that much of a strain because I was approaching 60 and my kids were out of college. The best advice is not to feel rushed: work off your debt, maybe take some classes, shadow a bit, and see how it feels. That will help you be sure you're headed in the right direction which perhps you weren't (or maybe you were) the first time out.

      Finding out what you want to do in life is a challenge, but the journey is at least as important as the destination. Don't be too hard on yourself!

      I wrote a book about my journey (Old Man on Campus). It is written in the present tense and tries to convey what my journey was like.

    2. DPTtoPA23

      I so appreciate your advice and needed to hear this from someone who has been through the experience, though not the exact same, it makes me feel a lot better and much less shameful. I will definitely be purchasing this book! 


      Thank you for your kind and motivating words. 

  2. Hey guys! I'm new here, but was reaching out for advice. I am currently working as a PT and find myself often looking into becoming a PA with a desire to understand the medical model more. I love my job as a PT but don't know if I feel the passion I once thought I had. I would love to hear from anyone else who made this jump from PT/PTA/OT to PA. What made you decide to leave your field and enter into a new and rigorous graduate program? Was the intensity of the course work and potentially added debt worth it? Do you feel that your prior career helped you at all through the graduate program? I have almost paid all of my student debt down from undergrad/PT school, have worked for two years and have a husband who can support me financially through PA school if I choose to go that route. I graduated undergraduate with a 3.95 GPA, my DPT program with a 3.96 GPA and got a 300 on the GRE. I feel well equipped but would just love to hear from others and their experiences! Thanks everyone!
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