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  1. It is good to see that you have narrowed down your choice for a career. Shadowing a general physician would help you complete your application process to the desired medical schools for your higher education in medicine. To add convenience to the process of finding a willing and suitable general physician to shadow, you can make effective use of a recognized online portal (https://healthcareshadowing.com)designed for bright per-medical students like yourself. All you need to do is register on the platform and start searching for general physicians in your locality. You
  2. Job shadowing a Physician Assistant would be the first step in your career. Now, there a re some easy ways to find a PA for job-shadow in your area. The most convenient and effective way could be registering on a reputed online platform and finding a PA in your location from the comfort of your home. You can cruise through the available willing PAs, set up a call, and start shadowing, finalizing a mutually suitable schedule. Otherwise, you can get in touch with a counselor to take the further necessary steps.
  3. Great that you’ve decided on virtual shadowing, I learnt my lesson when the doctor I was supposed to shadow postponed it and I wasted around 3 months waiting for that but then he eventually cancelled it - because of the pandemic. You might be able to find some virtual opportunities online at healthcareshadowing, virtualshadowing, etc. you can connect with doctors, physicians or other healthcare professionals as well, once you’ve registered on their website. Once you find a doctor just politely request him to allow you to shadow them and don’t forget to mention that you’re open to virtual
  4. Finding a physician who will offer an offline shadowing is really difficult right now as healthcare professionals have had a tight work schedule since the pandemic started, also it’s not advisable right now. Finding a shadowing opportunity is a pain in the neck and it takes a lot of time as well. Even I had an opportunity in hand - shadowing opportunity at a nearby hospital, but the doctor I was supposed to shadow postponed it and eventually cancelled it. But if you’re open to virtual shadowing opportunities you will find plenty, there are several platforms that can help here - paeaonline, hea
  5. You can find several shadowing opportunities online, there are some platforms I am familiar with that provide assistance - healthcareshadowing, paeaonline. I have personally used Healthcareshadowing, actually wasn’t able to find a PA who’d allow me to shadow because of the ongoing pandemic and I wanted to complete my credits for shadowing instead of just wasting my time waiting. You can enter your details and find a PA or any other healthcare professional online - just ask them if they’ll be willing for an offline or virtual shadowing experience. Hope this helps!
  6. Not sure about San Diego but I found one in LA on healthcareshadowing. It’s actually hard to find one right now because of covid, I found one luckily on this platform, you can give it a try as well. Otherwise, you might wanna consider virtual shadowing, there are some platforms you can use for this along with the one mentioned above - after all, learning is more important. Just make sure you’re well aware of the prerequisites your targeted med school has, if any - the hours and medical area, etc. Once you’ve found one don’t forget to ask about a recommendation letter and whether or not you’ll
  7. Finding a professional who’ll let you shadow them is quite difficult right now ‘cause of the pandemic and doctors and physicians are already working extra hours. You should still give it a try though. Also, if you’re up for virtual shadowing, you might wanna give that a shot as well - healthcareshadowing, paeaonline, etc. These are the ones I’m aware of. There are others available online as well. You can also try searching for a physician or doctor on these platforms - along with the zip code or preferred location.
  8. Covid has made shadowing challenging as physicians are more likely to reject you at the moment. Have you considered virtual shadowing? There are some platforms that can help with that - healthcareshadowing is one and there are other sites as well. You might also need to check if the med school you’re planning for has some special prerequisites like hours of shadowing. And as far as your profile is considered, you might wanna check for that with the school as well, maybe it’s not that average after all.
  9. Have you tried connecting with the local hospitals or clinics in your area? If a hospital has a website and a shadowing opportunity, chances are they have listed that on their website or at least on their social media page, you might wanna check that first.
  10. Offline shadowing is obviously not recommended right now, due to the ongoing pandemic but if you already have an option, even if it is to shadow an orthopedic NP it’s better to go with it, ‘cause searching for another option right now will be difficult. You might also wanna check if your school has any specific shadowing requirement - a particular field or hours? I opted for online shadowing, connected with a Physician online via healthcareshadowing, and completed it a couple of weeks ago since Physicians were reluctant to offer offline shadowing.
  11. I bumped into this website a couple of months ago as I was looking for a physician in Minnesota, healthcareshadowing, they have a pool of healthcare professionals from all across the country, I am hoping you’ll find one who’s in Orlando as well. I know how hectic this search can be, so good luck with it. You might also wanna keep looking for options that provide virtual shadowing as well since it’s becoming increasingly popular amongst the premeds considering the ongoing COVID situation.
  12. Are willing to consider virtual shadowing or are you only interested in offline shadowing only? Because you might not be able to find too many options for offline shadowing right now. You can still opt for virtual shadowing, I know a couple of platforms like healthcareshadowing, virtualshadowing, that can help you with this. You can also customize your search based on your area of interest and the location as well.
  13. You might wanna work on your science GPA for starters. You should also get some shadowing hours to add to your profile, preferably with a Physician since you’re aiming at PA school. There are some websites where you can search for a healthcare professional to shadow based on your preferences, healthcareshadowing, and other sites like this will help you get in touch with a healthcare professional and unlock virtual as well as offline shadowing opportunities.
  14. It’s better to search for a shadowing opportunity online instead of searching offline as you might not be able to get ample opportunities searching offline because of COVID. There are some platforms like healthcareshadowing, thatt connect you with doctors, physicians or other healthcare professionals as well, once you’ve registered on their website. You can then unlock either the traditional or virtual form of shadowing. I am sure once you do a search you can find more platforms as well.
  15. Are you only interested in offline shadowing or would you like to give virtual shadowing a shot as well? I know of some platforms that can help you with that, I also used one and completed mine a couple of days ago - healthcareshadowing, virtualshadowing, etc. Hope this helps!
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