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  1. maharrington@okcu.edu, he's the director of admissions!
  2. Good catch there! I immediately just started panicking hahaha
  3. Sure! GPA: 4.0 across undergrad (B.S. Biology) , post-bacc and master’s degree (M.S. Cell Biology) MCAT: 512 PCE: 2000+ Dermatology MA HCE: 600 Clinical research/hospital internships Shadowing: 46 PA + 160 MD LOR: 1 PA, 1 MD, 1 Professor, 1 manager of PCE Volunteer: 300+ crisis counselor, red cross, charity drives Leadership: 450+ AED/Pre-med club co-founder and president, peer mentoring Research: 1200+ undergrad and grad lab assistant, with poster presentations at conferences Teaching Experience: 50 Peer tutoring Other: 1,000 (STEM stude
  4. Verified May 3rd, Initial confirmation email May 20th, submitted payment May 20th, Got email that entire file completed and under review May 26th.
  5. I still haven't received a confirmation... Mind sharing what the email said, if you wouldn't mind?
  6. Received interview invite may 4th for Aug 20th at 11am via zoom. I had the choice between Aug 20th and Sept 17th.
  7. Interview invite received May 4th for July 9th via zoom.
  8. Verified 5/4. Confirmation email 5/13 with link to portal. Portal says "application complete" and my app is under review. Good luck to everyone!
  9. So I contacted them and they told me they forgot to send my confirmation email, but they did get everything. So call if in doubt!
  10. No, I haven't received the supplemental link either. I emailed them again to check in (last email I sent was beginning of may) and they said they still don't have my CASPer....
  11. Fingers crossed, I was verified in the first week of May
  12. You got a confirmation email from Rutgers your CASPA app? What did it say?
  13. The same thing happened to me! I was told I had a technical glitch, their fault, on my personal info and they fixed it 1 week AFTER I was verified and had me resubmit and get verified all over again. Took another 3 days.
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