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  1. Hello, the school’s brochure states competitive students score in the 40th percentile and above. I’d definitely suggest taking a practice exam (plenty online) to see where you’re at and how much you need to study. Otherwise it’ll be a waste of money if you don’t score well. But get it done as asaaapp if you plan on applying this cycle! Best wishes!!
  2. Received an acceptance call from Sarah today 9/22 after interviewing 9/16. What a relief! Congrats to everyone else
  3. So happy we’re all on the same page lol I’d like to believe Sarah took a day off
  4. That’s so amazing. I’ve been watching you all over these forums and you definitely deserved a spot!! Congratulations!!!
  5. Considering you received a confirmation email then your app is “under review.” So if you email them, I feel as if you will get a standardized reply. You should def check out their info session this Friday and ask then. I know this waiting process is tedious, we’re alll going through it, but don’t let it take over your life. Find some hobbies that make you youuu to distract you from all of this while continuing to accrue hours for PA school. Feel free to message me if you want to vent/express some more. Best wishes
  6. I only received a reply bc I had said something in the email along with the attachment, but no confirmation! You should be good, Ms Kays is receiving a bunch of emails on top of reviewing applications! Best of wishes to you
  7. Ahhh! It’s so exciting to hear the process has truly begunnnn. congratulations, you deserve it! I can’t wait to read the rest of the amazing news from everybody else!!
  8. I received both! Perhaps reach out to them or check out if there are still some slots where you can sign up from? Best wishes to you!!
  9. Hi! Congrats on your interview and sorry about your job inconvenience. My interview is on 11/11, I know this is outside of the dates you prefer, but just in case you can’t make the switch with anybody else! Looking at previous cycles, and personally told by nova orl PA graduates, current students, and faculty Nov is still super early in the game! Message me if I can be of any more help. Wish you the best this cycle!
  10. Per this email the first session to select from was 9/02 going every other Wednesday until 12/09. There’s 18 slots/applicants per selected date. The interview for everyone will begin at 8:30-1:30. @Jelena99 @maniasm there's actually a link in your confirmation email with the agenda of the day! stating "order of students interviewed will be selected at random" click on "health care sciences" then the selected program/campus. hope that gives you all an idea of what to expect for the day of. Be confident in yourselves and be prepared for anything! Wishing you all the best!
  11. No worries! that’s awesome!! Best of luck, let us know how it goes
  12. Hey congrats! do you mean you received the interview on 7/7 or you already had one? Also I’m assuming you mistakenly posted this under the wrong topic and meant cycle 2020-2021? also, do you mind posting your timeline of when you submitted your application and when you received primary/secondary emails? Thanks so much! Best of luck
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