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  1. I interviewed on 12/11, I think they're sending invites out still so don't lose hope!
  2. Got my acceptance today as well! So excited!
  3. Did you ever make up the missing MMI session?
  4. Hoping we all hear something soon!
  5. Yea I feel like at this point we're probably going to wait until after Christmas! Wishing all of you a happy holiday season and hopefully we will get some good news afterwards
  6. Has anyone else not made up one of their interview sessions? I reached out this time last week and was told they were still working on it but I haven't heard since. I just want to make sure I am not the only one!
  7. Anyone else from the afternoon overview session see that on zoom it says it starts at 3pm but the email the other day said 1pm?
  8. Just got an invite for an interview! It is set for December
  9. Does anyone know if they are going to have more than one interview time frame? Like other than the 9/14 and 9/15? (Aka should I give up hope if I don’t hear back by then)
  10. Congrats!! Do you mind sharing when you got your received and then second level eval emails?
  11. Im working on the supplemental app now, and wondering if you guys typed up a whole new list for the activities you participated in post-high school? I was thinking of copying it all from my CASPA but I'm not sure if thats frowned upon. Thought it was kind of odd because some of the questions are repetitive of CASPA
  12. How long after submitting did you get the email with the link? I havent gotten anything yet but its only been about a week
  13. Hi! When did you submit your application/become verified? My app was verified on 6/11 and havent heard anything yet
  14. Just started my supplemental application, on the instructions it says to select the "Physician Assistant" program, but the closest I can find is "Masters of Medical Sciences" is this the correct one?
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