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  1. Hi everybody, I'm planning to apply to PA school in 2022. Right now I have zero patient contact hours and ~1200 HCE hours. I'm taking 15 credits this spring semester and was thinking of taking a 10 week CNA course at the community college. My questions is.... is this too much? 15 credits + 40 hour work week + being a full time student. I'm used to being a full time worker and full time student but am unsure how the CNA course will add to my workload. Someone talk me off the ledge if this seem like its gonna be too much! Also open to hearing about other quick ways to accrue patient contac
  2. Hello all, I graduated back in 2014 w/ a B.S. in microbiology, during which I did not complete A&P I/II or psychology. I've done my research on my top schools and am aware that there is a time limit on the other prerequisites I have. Being that so many of my prerequisites will expire and/or have expired, what are some suggestions on what I should do? My main concern is the financial aspect of this endeavor, as I'd like to keep cost to a minimum. Most schools won't offer financial aid to non-degree seeking students, unless enrolled in a degree program. Taking classes at the community
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