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  1. I saw someone posted on FB that she got accepted from the 3/9 interview yesterday. I wonder if anyone else heard anything else, even waitlist? Just feel so sad thinking that I might have been rejected. TUC is one of my top choice, and I like this program even more after my interview. My pre-req is expired already so this cycle is my last chance to apply here
  2. I got an interview for 2/18. There were 3 other dates for me to choose, 2/19 and 2 more in March. So I think they are sill interview people.
  3. I applied in June and submit my secondary app mid-Oct but still haven't heard anything. Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me?
  4. Same here. I'm wondering if they are already done interviewing.
  5. Applied early June and received an email that I’m on the interview waitlists. A little bit of hope for me on this Christmas Eve morning although I know my chance is slim . Anyone is in the interview waitlists as well?
  6. Verified on 6/10 but I still haven't heard anything from this program. Should I email them?
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